Your next generation SNS app that allows you to share “Goodlookin”

Goodlookin is a next generation SNS app that enables you to post your good-looking photos or things you own, and receive appraise (GL) from users worldwide. The major difference compared to other existing SNS is the concept which make you become friends with users worldwide the moment you get on board. Therefore, there is no such idea as “follow” or “followers (friend requests etc)”, which opens the window to allow GL (likes) from users around the world. In traditional SNS, celebrities have a huge number of followers, but for Goodlookin creates a platform where everyone is fair and square, which enables GL (likes) to be given to posts that are really good, no matter who you are.

Timeline that will wow you!

All posts from around the globe will be shown on your timeline, and you can filter contents to only what you are interested in (subtraction filter type of timeline). With the help of hashtags and our amazing search filter function, you are easily able to show only the photos you are interested in on your timeline, and by setting the filter in advance, all the photos coming onto your timeline will be only ones you are personally interested of. This is a great function that divides us from other traditional SNS apps which does not have the feature to filter out posts you would simply scroll over in a second.

Make yourself famous via ranking!

On Goodlookin, you are able to express your appreciation to a specific post by sending out GL (likes). Once you think a post is worth it, you can send out many GL (likes) to it (by purchasing coins). The more GL that the user of the post receives, the more popular he/she will be on our ranking function. The popular ranking is evaluated by the total number of GL but there are other rankings too, such as hashtag or by photos.

The 2 rules of Goodlookin

There are two rules for Goodlookin. First, please only post photos that are good-lookin. If we judge that your photo does not reach our standards, unfortunately they will not be shown on the timeline. Second, make sure that all photos that you post are about yourself, or contents owned by you. We provide a service to give out points to the GL (likes) received via purchase of coins, which can be changed into money. Because of this service, please note that you will not be able to post contents you do not hold rights of.